What You Need to Know About the 18.2 Technical Reports Starting with TR1

Learn more about the 18.2 Technical Reports Starting with TR1

What are the seven ISA 18.2 Technical Reports, and what do they mean to you? In this session, we’ll begin with a quick summary of ISA 18.2-2009, IEC 62682-2014, and ISA-18.2 standards and their differences followed by an introduction to the ISA Technical Report (TR); covering the intent of the reports, what is allowed in a Technical Report versus a Standard, and how you can get access to the reports. Finally, we’ll dive into TR1: Alarm Philosophy Document, covering mandatory requirements in the Standard, new content in the Technical Report, and what you need to do now based on best practices discussed in the PAS Alarm Management Handbook.(Part 1 in a 3-part series)