• PAS Announces $40M Investment Round

    PAS Announces $40M Investment Round

    Record Investment Will Fuel ICS Cybersecurity Business 

  • ICS Cybersecurity Secure Endpoints That Matter

    Secure Endpoints That Matter

    Industrial Control System Cybersecurity

  • Automation Asset Management Drive Management of Change

    Drive Management of Change

    Automation Asset Management

  • Alarm Management Raise Operator Situation Awareness

    Raise Operator Situation Awareness

    Comprehensive Alarm Management and High Performance HMI

  • IPL Assurance Get Real Time Safety Analytics

    Get Real Time Safety Analytics

    IPL Lifecycle Management

ICS Cybersecurity. Safety. Compliance.

PAS is a leading provider of software solutions for process safety, cybersecurity, and asset reliability to the energy, process, and power industries. PAS solutions are installed in more than 70 countries. Learn more >

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ICS Cybersecurity: You Cannot Secure What You Cannot See

Only 20% of your cyber assets are in plain view. Learn how to reduce cyber risk by automating a complete inventory of the process control network.


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Pushing Process Limits Without Compromising Safety

Aggregate, analyze, depict, and control process boundary information to increase operator awareness of and ensure efficient, safe, and profitable process operations.

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