About Us

PAS Global, the OT Integrity company, delivers software solutions that prevent, detect, & remediate cyber threats; reduce process safety risks and optimize profitability; and enable trusted data for decision-making.

With operations in over 70 countries, PAS Global helps many of the world’s leading industrial organizations ensure OT Integrity from the sensor to the cloud – including 13 of the top 15 refining, 13 of the top 15 chemical, 4 of the top 5 pulp and paper, 3 of the top 5 mining, and 7 of the top 20 power generation companies.

PAS Global was recently named the #1 Global Provider of Safety Lifecycle Management and #1 Alarm Management Provider by ARC Advisory Group and is named as a Representative Vendor by Gartner for OT Network Monitoring and Visibility and OT Endpoints Security. For more information, visit www.pas.com. Connect with PAS Global on Twitter @PASGlobal and LinkedIn.

Our deep expertise in automation, power generation, and manufacturing drives our thought leadership in the industries we serve. PAS Global has written two authoritative publications providing essential methodologies and best practices for optimizing alarm systems and developing effective HMIs for the industrial sector. The Alarm Management Handbook and The High Performance HMI Handbook are considered to be the leading resources for these two disciplines.

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