PAS Releases PlantState Suite v7.3.0.12. Software

September 16, 2013

Release Highlights

inBound Analytics

An inBound Violations category of analyses is now available as part of the Alarm and Event Analysis module. The analyses in this category focus on information specific to the process variable violations in relation to boundaries defined within PSS inBound. violation analyses are only available for data owners that have generated boundary Process Variable violations in the system. The inBound violations category includes the following types of analyses: Time in Violation, Frequent Violations, Violations by Unit, Chattering Violations, Violations per Time Period, Violations by Importance, Violations by Boundary Type.

Version Independence

The PSSTM software core functionality updates will be released independent of the various data source connections (DSCs) starting with Version 7.3. This will provide for an agile release schedule for the DSCs, greatly reducing the turnaround time for issuing fixes and introducing enhancements while enabling the user to select and upgrade only the components pertinent to the control system of interest. The DSC releases will be vendor specific and will include all libraries for the various control systems supported by each vendor. 

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