PAS Releases Version 4.13 of Honeywell EPKS Asset Model

October 04, 2009

PAS recently released an enhanced Integrity/DOC4000 asset model for Honeywell's EPKS which allows users to incorporate their EPKS system into Integrity/DOC4000 for aggregation and contextualization of data.

Enhancements include:

  • Ability to collect and use Hardware Back Build data
  • Updated EPKS Data Collection Configurator to optionally collect Honeywell recommended files for Disaster Recovery procedures
  • Updated EPKSDCC.exe options to allow open Station with non-default Station configuration files when collecting graphic images
  • Added Accumulator Point and SCM information as available alarm configuration for the PlantState Suite product
  • Ability to collect CDS and RDA point types using the BCKBLD functionality
  • Ability to view descriptions of SCADA points within Search results
This is available to all customers on support with Integrity/DOC4000 2.1.1 or higher. To acquire the software please download it from the Technical Support Portal or contact our Technical Support Team at You may view our Technical Updates page to view the latest information regarding all Integrity/DOC4000 releases.