PAS Releases Integrity/DOC4000 v5.0.0.9

November 04, 2015

PAS is pleased to announce the latest release of Integrity/DOC4000 v5.0.0.9, which is composed of the following enhancements and fixes.

Patch Management 


  • Automatic identification of Microsoft and vendor patch applicability
  • Closed loop test, implementation, and mitigation workflows
  • Audit-ready reporting


  • Speeds remediation and mitigation of vulnerabilities
  • Avoids fines and penalties for regulatory non-compliance
  • Coordinates disparate ownership of patch management functions

Enhanced Dashboards


  • Expanded number of display objects within a screen
  • Greater user configuration of dashboard elements
  • Access to additional graphical features


  • Better access to actionable information
  • Greater situation awareness of cyber-security state

Enhanced Policies and Workflows

  • Configuration Defect checking customization
  • Punch list integration
  • Usability improvements


  • Greater flexibility in driving cybersecurity actions and tasks
  • Simpler, easier-to-use user interface

To see a full list of updates and enhancements, please view the release notes.  Both the release notes and the latest software download can be accessed via the PAS Customer Portal with your login information