ARC Recognizes PAS as #1 Global Alarm Management Software Provider

In the latest Alarm Management Market Research Study from ARC Advisory Group, PAS is recognized as the leading independent supplier of alarm management software and services worldwide – you can read the press release here. For the full report and purchase options, visit the ARC Advisory Group website.

I am particularly thrilled by the market’s validation of our mission to support safe, secure, profitable, and compliant operations. More important than the market recognition is the understanding that the software we produce and the services we provide play an important role in the lives of our customers.

Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of successful projects, but one in particular often comes to mind. We asked an operations supervisor at a major refinery to join one of our events and describe the effect a successful alarm management project had at his facility. During his remarks, he invited two women to the stage. Those of us involved in the project didn’t recognize them. The women turned out to be the supervisor’s daughter and wife. They shared a very human impact of improved operations. They said he had lower blood pressure, arrived home at a much more reasonable hour, and was generally more relaxed. This story had a profound impact on me and reminded me of what business we are in. We improve safety, yes, but we also improve lives.

PAS remains dedicated to constantly working with our customers to improve our platforms and applications to serve their evolving requirements. Their input has been key to industry repeatedly recognizing our platforms in the areas of Alarm Management, Safety System Lifecycle and ICS Cybersecurity technology innovation. I’m confident the solutions we plan to bring to market will further advance the safety and security goals for the industries we serve.

I look forward to improving the lives of many others!

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