OT Cybersecurity Experts Share Best Practices in 4-Part eBook and Webinar Series

Digitalization and Industrie 4.0 initiatives require tight integration between the complex, heterogeneous, and highly complex Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and the enterprise IT. However, the very components that enable digitalization—sensors, connectivity and smart applications—also increase risk. Digitalization enhances efficiency, improves safety, and optimizes production, but it also creates more opportunities for bad actors to penetrate operational technology (OT) environments and to wreak havoc. To secure industrial facilities and ensure safe, reliable production, OT and IT security—traditionally two separate disciplines with different priorities—must come together to share cybersecurity and risk management best practices.

We recently asked experts on the front lines of OT cybersecurity risk mitigation to share their strategies for making control systems more secure. We compiled their responses in a four-part series of eBooks that will be shared with the OT cybersecurity community over the coming months.

The firsthand experience collected comes from experts across a diverse range of industries—including oil and gas, chemicals and refining, and power generation. Their essays illustrate the importance of understanding similarities and differences between IT and OT environments. They also share proven experience on adapting IT security controls and best practices to OT environments.

Apply the valuable insights provided in this guide within your own company to protect the endpoints that matter most in your company’s industrial facilities—the proprietary ICS assets responsible for safe and reliable production.

I’d like to personally invite you to read the first in this series of eBooks and then join us for the webinar to review key findings on September 4:

Share your thoughts with us on how the convergence of IT/OT, Digitalization, and Industrie 4.0 is impacting your organization. 

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