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Top CEO Priorities in Support of Critical Infrastructure

Our company provides software solutions that optimize cybersecurity, process safety, and digitalization initiatives for the world’s leading industrial companies. We call this “Ensuring OT Integrity”.  OT, or Operational Technology, is the automation systems that collectively enable safe and efficient production in the industrial sector. Our customers are critical to producing electric power, plastics, and chemicals which are used to manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE), industrial disinfectants, paper and shipping products. With my role of founder and CEO of PAS Global, I have a front-row seat to what these organizations are doing to safeguard personnel and process safety, maintain plant reliability and production, and prevent harm to communities at this unprecedented time.

As the leader of an important extension to our world’s critical infrastructure companies, I have defined three Top Priorities, which are grounded in our company core values, held since our founding in 1993.

1) Employee Health

The physical and mental health of Team PAS is my #1 priority. It all starts there.

We do this by following the guidelines of health experts and civil authorities to enable our people to stay healthy and safe. This includes a major transformation to remote working as our default mode of work and practicing social distancing. We also require appropriate hygiene and disinfecting procedures when essential personnel must be in the office.

This priority also extends to mental health. We have made social engagement of the entire PAS team (not just my executive and extended staff) a key objective every day, so that each person feels they belong to the larger community of our work family and are not in this alone. We are a team and we'll get through this as a team.

2) Customer Health

Customer health comes second. Sometimes, I have had customers react with a raised eyebrow when I tell them customers come second at PAS, since most customers are used to being told they come first. But, as noted above, I must care for Team PAS first to effectively take care of our customers. Ever been on an airplane with a disgruntled flight attendant? Then, you know what I mean.

Making sure we deliver for our customers from a cybersecurity and process safety perspective is my second Top Priority. Because of the nature of their businesses, we must support the health of their operations, their employees, and the communities they serve. Over the last few weeks, we have more than doubled our efforts to provide customer training and technical support 24/7. We are also working with numerous customers to accelerate the rollout of our software so they can safely monitor the security and performance of their automation systems remotely.

3) Financial Health

Ensuring the financial health of the company is my Third Priority. If I don’t remain focused on this right now, PAS won’t be in a position to deliver on my first two priorities. We have reduced all non-essential expenses and engaged with our investors to secure the support we may require through these uncertain times. We will continue to drive efficiency in our essential spend going forward as well.

This brings me back to my first priority: employee health. By ensuring the company’s financial health, our PAS family members won't have that additional worry at this difficult time.

For more than two decades, our core values – “People first, Customers second, and Financials third” have guided our behavior and stood the test of time.

I know it can be easy to lose sight of priorities during difficult times. But now is precisely the time when we must focus on them even harder. I know if we remain true to our values, we will help our critical infrastructure customers and our employees emerge from this crisis stronger.

Stay safe. Stay Well.

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