Remote Delivery Services

Leverage remote capabilities to improve and accelerate project delivery


At times, it may not be possible to have onsite access to a facility due to its physical location, travel restrictions, physical security, or other reasons. In other cases, the time it takes to arrange and execute travel can slow down project implementation and value. That’s why Hexagon provides Remote Services. We are highly experienced in delivering a variety of OT cybersecurity and process safety projects remotely, with no onsite activity or travel required. We have extensive capabilities for remote communications and secure access that meet the stringent requirements of leading global industrial organizations.

Hexagon provides remote services for the following projects and workshops:

  • OT cybersecurity workshop and functional design
  • PAS software deployment
  • Alarm philosophy workshop and development
  • High performance HMI workshop, style guide, and philosophy
  • Alarm documentation & rationalization


Remote services offer a number of valuable benefits to our customers:

  • Health & Safety: avoid travel, reduce personnel time at hazardous locations
  • Financial: less time and labor (reduced demand for customer personnel, minimize supervision onsite, no gate pass, and no site-specific safety training required)
  • Time-to-Value: able to execute projects faster
  • Flexibility: able to optimize time and work schedules

For questions about Remote Delivery Services, contact us.