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Configuration Management: Change Management

Implement a MOC Program Using Workflows

Effective configuration management requires establishing a baseline configuration; configuring policies, alerts, and workflows; and implementing a change management (MOC) program. Once a baseline configuration is established and policies are implemented, a proper workflow management process ensures that all automation configuration changes are detected, reconciled, and approved. Unapproved changes follow a different workflow where they are investigated and action is taken when appropriate to remediate.
In most companies, rigorous MOC processes are required for physical assets, such as valves and pumps, but the same does not hold true for automation configuration changes. As a result, a number of process industry incidents and accidents have resulted from undocumented and unapproved changes to automation systems.

The PAS Cyber Asset Management solution greatly simplifies the management of information in automation systems by providing integrated workflow process management for critical control systems such as DCS, SIS, PLC, APC, field instrumentation databases, switches, routers, Windows machines, and other process control network (PCN) devices. It uniquely aggregates and contextualizes configuration databases, programs, and user interfaces. A graphical workflow engine simplifies creating custom workflows and documentation packages, reconciling configuration changes, sending workflow notifications to primary and secondary approvers, and automating compliance reports. If an unauthorized change is detected, whether from cyber attack or personnel error, the appropriate action is taken based on risk-based response protocols.

Learn more about how PAS solutions enable operations personnel to maintain secure and reliable operations by automating processes for effective configuration management:

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