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ICS Cyber Security
Cyber attacks are growing in number and sophistication, exploiting vulnerable control systems that run plants and protect personnel. Securing these systems requires ICS-specific software that identifies and mitigates cyber risks.

PAS's security solution does so by automating ICS asset inventory, configuration change detection, workflow management, and regulatory requirement compliance.
Automation Asset Management
Change is nearly constant in plants that have heterogeneous, complex control systems. Improperly managed change can introduce unintended consequences or occur without sufficient authorization, putting at risk plant safety, reliability, and profitability.

PAS provides operators with the ability to inventory ICS assets, manage configuration changes, identify and reconcile unauthorized changes, and provide compliance reporting.
Operations Management
Plants suffer from overly complex, non-operator friendly alarms and HMI's endangering plant safety and productivity. Established best practices prescribe better situational awareness, enabling timely, actionable information.

Having literally written the book on these best practices, PAS offers alarm optimization, high performance HMI, control loop performance, and boundary management software automation.

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