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Automation Genome Mapping

Automation systems collectively impact the plant’s safety, economic throughput, environmental compliance, and equipment protection. Each system contains a unique and complex collection of tags, programs, databases, and user interfaces that are analogous to the information encoded in the DNA of natural organisms. However, unlike natural organisms, automation genomes evolve daily and the DNA of one automation system often propagates to others through integration. The term Automation Genome™ describes the collective configurations within and among all automation systems in a plant.
For your plant to operate at an optimum level, configurations across automation systems must be easily:
  • Reconcilable
  • Accessible
  • Presented in context
  • Searchable
  • Automatically documented
In addition, accurate interoperability and successful lifecycle management of these automation assets requires strict adherence to:
  • Configuration change management
  • Documentation of inner and cross communication (signal genealogy)
  • Inventory of system utilization and available spare capacity
  • Identification of configuration defects
Our Integrity™ Software maps the Automation Genome™ by aggregating and contextualizing the configuration databases, programs and user interfaces of automation systems. It simplifies the visualization of related information within context and exposes new possibilities for transforming the way industrial plants manage automation systems and production knowledge.
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