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High Performance HMI Concepts Webinar Version 2.0: Including a Major Case Study

Poorly designed and poorly performing HMIs (process control graphics) are rampant throughout our industry. In most cases, those HMIs were created mimicking P&IDs which were then sprinkled with live numbers. The result is a very poor HMI for the purpose of providing proper operator situation awareness. Poor HMIs place a company’s safety, production, quality and profitability at risk, and have been cited as contributing factors to major accidents.
There are now well proven guidelines and best practices for improved HMIs, and methodologies to put them into practice. A High Performance HMI takes into account human factors and ergonomics concepts in order to present “information”, not just data. This information increases the operator’s effectiveness by enabling them to have situational awareness of the state of the process during normal and abnormal situations.
This webinar covers many of the existing poor practices and design oversights embodied in process control HMIs, and provides examples of much improved methods. Results will be shown based on a major HMI case study involving actual operators detecting and resolving abnormal situations on the full simulator of a large power plant.
The topics covered are:
  • The current state of industrial HMIs and process graphics
  • High Performance HMI justification
  • Common but ineffective process graphics
  • Proper display of information, rather than of just data
  • High Performance graphic depictions
  • High Performance graphic hierarchy
  • The 7-Step High Performance HMI Development Process
  • Case Study of HPHMI Graphics at a large power plant

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