PAS recently released Tune Wizard V 5.0

May 13, 2013

PAS is pleased to announce the latest release of TuneWizard Version 5.0, which contains the following enhancements:   


  • Application name was changed from Loop Optimizer to TuneWizard
  • Added a new tuning method, the PAS tuning method
  • Improved the identification algorithm
  • Updated color scheme of robustness bars to warn user of overly robust tuning
  • Displayed the controller algorithm on the tuning page
  • Provided a wider range of values for the maximum deviation from setpoint for Surge Tank Control
  • Provided indication in the Channels page that the OPC addresses are auto-populated when Tunewizard is activated from PSS ControlWizard
Modeling and Tuning       
  • Implemented improvements to the model identification algorithm which yield more accurate models under non- ideal conditions
  • Implemented a new tuning method, the PAS method, which balances setpoint response and disturbance rejection performance for the closed loop system. It works well for a wide range of processes with varying ratios of time delay to time constant
  • Enhanced the color scheme of the robustness bars to warn the user of overly robust tuning. This helps achieve a balance between closed loop performance and robustness.
  • Displayed the chosen controller algorithm on the Tuning page for easy user reference
  • Provided a wider range for max deviation from setpoint for Surge Tank Control, thus giving the user more flexibility in tuning a surge tank