May 05, 2014

PAS Releases TuneWizard V5.0.4.3

PAS is pleased to announce the latest release of TuneWizard Version, which contains the following enhancements:    General Updated Help DocumentationAdded NovaTech D3 Help informationImproved e-mail link to rapidsupport@pas.com    Modeling and Tuning Introduced support for NovaTech D3 Control AlgorithmsModified tuning constants to initialize automatically when control algorithm is changedAddressed stability issue with ... Read more >

May 13, 2013

PAS recently released Tune Wizard V 5.0

PAS is pleased to announce the latest release of TuneWizard Version 5.0, which contains the following enhancements:    General   Application name was changed from Loop Optimizer to TuneWizardAdded a new tuning method, the PAS tuning methodImproved the identification algorithmUpdated color scheme of robustness bars to warn user of overly robust tuningDisplayed the controller algorithm on the tuning pageProvided a wider range of values for ... Read more >

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