PAS Releases Version 5.1.0 of PSS Emerson Interface

February 03, 2017

PAS is pleased to announce the release of Version 5.1.0 of the Emerson Import Library for PSS
Product Enhancements:

  • Emerson /Ovation Win7 Alarm Files and Ovation NT-XP Alarm Files imports/ include Characteristics Field in analysis [CAS-51031-P1V0J3 TF#15363]

  • Emerson/ DeltaV point configuration/ Units for some tags are not displayed in tags tab in Import type Delta-V Point Configuration File. [CAS-53217-K1G5D8 TF#15764]

Product Fixes:

  • Emerson/ DeltaV OPCAE/ Alarm & Events import not inserting RTN for some of the events in import type Delta-V OPC AE [CAS-49110-R8C9C4 TF#14968]

  • Emerson/ DeltaV Ejournal and OPC AE / PSS only recognizes mode changes made through the PID1 function block and not through the module level MODE parameter in import types Delta-V OPC AE, Fisher Provox/Delta-V Ejournal SQL Database, & Fisher Provox/Delta-V Ejournal Access Database. [CAS-54292-B1P0K8TF# 15990]

  • Emerson/ DeltaV point config import/Error message when import function block library templates in Import type Delta-V Point Configuration File. [CAS-51391-W9F2L5 TF# 15282] 

The following import types were updated in this release:

  • Delta-V Point Configuration File

  • Delta-V OPC AE

  • Fisher Provox/Delta-V Ejournal SQL Database

  • Fisher Provox/Delta-V Ejournal Access Database

This interface is available to all customers on support with PSS V7.3.5.4 and higher. To acquire the software please download it from the Technical Support Portal or contact the Technical Support Team at You may view our Technical Updates page to view the latest information regarding all PSS releases.