PAS Releases Version 5.0.0 of PSS Emerson Interface

September 30, 2016

PAS is pleased to announce the release of Version 5.0.0 of the Emerson Import Library for PSS.

Product Enhancements:

  • Emerson/Ovation EXP Point Configuration File/new import,
    Emerson/ Ovation Solaris Oracle Point Configuration File/new import and
    Emerson/Ovation Windows Oracle Point Configuration File/new import in Import Type. [CAS-49412-Y1W7G6 TF14895 ]
Product Fixes
  • Enable State by Alarm analysis does not reflect OPSUP and ENAB change events properly in Import type Delta-V Point Configuration File. [CAS-49958-Y6X3G6 TF15121]
  • Emerson/ Fisher Provox Printer Port import/ Line delimiters have wrong default value in Import Type Fisher Provox Printer Port. [CAS-44297-P0S2V5 TF14865]
  • Emerson / Deltav OPC AE/Pohokura data processing- for all information in the Alarm & Event Journal for “System” was assigned under “Raw” field in Import Type Deltav OPC AE. [CAS-41732-D7G7P0  TF14976]
  • Emerson/ Ejournal AE import and DeltaV OPCAE /Enable State by Alarm analysis does not reflect OPSUP and ENAB change events properly in Import Type Fisher Provox/Delta-V Ejournal SQL Database and Delta-V OPC AE. [CAS-50527-J3N9X1 TF15123]
  • When running the DeltaV point config cogen an error message occurs and import does not complete in Import Type Delta-V Point Configuration File. [CAS-50612-S2Y5H4 TF 15142]
  • Import using the DeltaV Standing Alarm Xml File import. everything in the list is getting a inferred RTN in Import Type Delta-V Point Configuration File. [CAS-51137-N2G6X5 TF 15580]
  • Emerson Implementation Guide that needs updating because of new feature to include tag name in OPC address for alarm trippoint. [CAS-47837-C1Y7Q4 TF14990].

The following import types has been added in this release:
  • Ovation EXP Point Configuration File
  • Ovation Solaris Oracle Point Configuration File
  • Ovation Windows Oracle Point Configuration File
The following import types were updated in this release:
  • Fisher Provox Printer Port
  • Delta-V Point Configuration File
  • Delta-V OPC AE
  • Fisher Provox/Delta-V Ejournal SQL Database
This interface is available to all customers on support with PSS V7.3.5.4 and higher.  To acquire the software please download it from the PAS Customer Care Portal or contact Customer Care at You may view our Technical Updates page to view the latest information regarding all PSS releases.