PAS Releases Version 2.8.0 of PSS Honeywell Interface

January 20, 2016

PAS is pleased to announce the release of an updated PSS Honeywell Interface.

Enhancements/Fixes Include updates to the following imports: 

  • Experion Event Database and Events via ODBC Client Imports
    • Resolved errors during import after upgrading Honeywell dll [13527]
  • FSC SOE Printer Event Import
    • Resolved errors in the interface [13656]
  • TPAlcont TCP Printer Event Import
    • Added the Event Type field in the Frequent Alarms Analysis report detail view [13445]
    • Resolved the issue of the Priority Description column not interpreting the "**" symbols at the beginning of the system alarms correctly [13690]
  • TPAlcont File Event Journal Import
    • Resolved the issue of some legitimate alarms being classified by the interface as "corrupted" [13718]
  • Experion OPC AE Import
    • Resolved the mismatch of Alarms between PSS and DCS upon re-broadcast by the OPC AE server [13754]
  • Experion PMD Event DB Import
Resolved the failure of the interface to import data due to conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulting in an out-of-range value [13717]