PAS Releases Version 2.7.0 of PSS Honeywell Interface

August 27, 2015

PAS is pleased to announce the release of an updated PSS Honeywell Interface.

Enhancements/Fixes Include updates to the following imports: 

  • Experion Event Database and Events via ODBC Client Imports
    • Resolved the issue of Stale Alarms analysis showing wrong results as events are coming in out of order [14031]
    • Resolved the issue of the import failing [13900]
  • PHD/PHD SQL Database Imports
    • Modified the Enable-Disable Logic to address the issue of the Annunciated Only filter not working correctly [14059]
  • TPS File Point Configuration Imports (Full & Partial)
    • Resolved the issue of some Tags missing from import [14092]
  • TPAlcont TCP Printer Event Import/TPAlcont File Event Journal Import
    • Resolved the issue of incorrectly parsing the SYS- alarms [14101]
  • Experion OPC AE Import/Experion OPC AE for TPS Import
    • Resolved the issue of PSS Inferred Alarms showing up in the Journal even when "Process Experion Shelving Action" was set to False [14078]
    • Resolved the issue of duplicate Operator Changes being imported into PSS with extra whitespace [14109]
  • Experion PMD Event via ODBC Client Import
    • Modified import to map location full name to Unit and area name to Area column in Alarm & Event Journal [14116]
  • TPS Standing Alarm Snapshot File Import
    • Resolved the issue of Sanpshot import no inserting inferred RTN properly [12465]
This interface is available to all customers on support with PSS V7.3.2.3 and higher.