PAS Releases Version 2.2.9 of PSS Schneider Interface

October 03, 2014

PAS is pleased to announce the release of an updated PSS Schneider Interface.

Enhancements/Fixes include the following updates: 

  • Modified the Point Configuration imports so that GetOperatorAreaBitandName() method would specify "Where[Current] = 1" in the lookup query when looking up a value in TagProperties table [12894]
    • Infusion Point Configuration (Full & Partial)
    • Fox I/A ICCPRT (Full & Partial)
  • Resolved the issue of DCS tags not showing up in PSS [12640]
    • Infusion Point Configuration (Full & Partial)
  • Resolved the issue of PIDA blocks coming from Version 8.4 and earlier missing IOBAD [12825]
    • Infusion Point Configuration (Full & Partial)
    • Fox I/A ICCPRT Point Configuration (Full & Partial)
  • Modified the import to remove starting zeroes from the System Alarm messages in the Alarm & Event Journal display [12833]
    • Fox I/A AIM* (XML File)
This interface is available to all customers on support with PSS V7.3.0.12 and higher. To acquire the software please download it from the Technical Support Portal or contact the Technical Support Team at You may view our Technical Updates page to view the latest information regarding all PSS releases.