PAS Releases Version of PSS ABB Interface

May 09, 2018

PAS is pleased to announce the release of Version of the ABB Import Library for PSS. 

  • Enhancements/fixes: 

    • ABB 800xA import now identifies shelved alarm data that can be used in alarm and event analysis. [CAS-55264-F3C8H8]

    • TCL messages are now imported into PSS. [CAS-54046-X1F3C6]

    • New Tag Types added to ABB PPB Point Config. [CAS-58264-M0B6V8]

    • Tag names display correctly after import. [CAS-56182-J6X1V2]

    • PSS SQL queries modified. [CAS-58196-X2Z4V8]

    • For every ALM, the last active ALM for that tag is returned. [CAS-56906-F4R7V6]

    • PSS was not importing the System alarms data from ABB properly. [CAS-57897-Z3L7R2]

  • The following import types were updated in this release.

    • ABB 800xA Mod 300 and Freelance OPC AE

    • ABB Infi90 Process Portal B Event Database

    • Advant Mod 300 Enterprise Historian Event Database

    • ABB 800xA Event Historian (SQL Database)(ODBC)

    • ABB Event Server OPC AE

This interface is available to all customers on support with PSS V7.3.5.4 and higher.  To acquire the software please download it from the Technical Support Portal or contact the Technical Support Team at You may view our Technical Updates page to view the latest information regarding all PSS releases.