PAS Releases PlantState Suite v8.5

August 20, 2018

PAS’s new PlantState Suite (PSS) version 8.5 incorporates significant performance improvements in the D&R and inBound modules.
PSS contains modules that provide solutions for alarm management, control loop performance monitoring, boundary management, and independent protection layer monitoring. The main improvements are in the following areas.
Alarm Management

  • Performance and usability improvements in the D&R module assists with creation and maintenance of the Master Alarm Database required by ISA 18.2


  • Performance and usability improvements in the inBound module to facilitate easier management of process boundaries.

  • The inBound faceplate viewer webpage has been modernized for much greater responsiveness, performance and visualization.

PSS General

  • Multi-Version .NET Framework Support - The PSS product can now function in environments where .NET 3.5 or better is available.

  • Port Specification for email server - The PSS product now allows specification of the port number to be used to send emails.

For a complete listing with more details of each improvement, see the PSS 8.5 Release Notes.