PAS Releases PlantState Suite Maintenance Release v7.3.1.1 Software

January 24, 2014

Release Highlights

Integrity iMOC for PSS
The PSS™ D&R Module has been integrated with Integrity™ iMOC. This enables the user to kick-off an MOC process around completed tags in D&R by clicking a button on the Operator Notification toolbar.
Ability to Disassociate a PV in inBound

This new enhancement will enable users who have previously associated a PV to a boundary to disassociate that PV and associate another.

Display/Hide inBound Configuration Violation & Boundary Violation in Web
The ability to display or hide both the Configuration violations and the Boundary violations on the web interface has been added. PV Violations are displayed with arrows and red colour and Boundary Configuration Violations are displayed with red diamonds next to the boundary. Both PV and Boundary Violations can be turned on or off in the faceplate display.

Progress Indication for D&R Exports
A new indication has been introduced to inform user of the progress of a D&R export. The interface indicates percent completion and the number of records processed.

OPC Server User/Password Enhancement
It is impractical to have to change the pasOPCDataCollector service log on in order to be able to browse the OPC servers on an OPC node, especially on deployments that have connections to multiple systems, each with a different account used to connect. The domain, user and password elements are grayed out until an OPC connection URL has been configured. However, the user was unable to browse for OPC servers without specifying an account. The OPC Server log-on screen has been enhanced for systems with multiple connections. The user will be able specify the account used to connect to the OPC server in order to browse and configure the OPC URL.

Archive Enforce History at Data Owner Level
The option has been added to archive the Enforce History at Data Owner level in order to reduce the size of the equipment history table systematically and automatically.

Audit & Enforce and State Based Alarming Tag Dot Parameter Export
The ability to export tag.parameters used in Audit & Enforce and State Based Alarming has been added. The OPC addresses are exported to a csv file on a scheduled basis.
The software and accompanying Release Notes are available through download from the PAS Customer Care Portal or by contacting Customer Care at