PAS Releases PlantState Suite™ Maintenance Release v7.3.2.3 Software

May 28, 2014

PAS is pleased to announce the release of the PSSTM Version – Maintenance Release 2

Release Highlights

Migration to .NET Framework 3.5
The PSS .NET framework has been upgraded to version 3.5.
SQL CE Buffer File for OPCAE Imports
The OPC AE Buffer Overflow File for OPC AE imports has been switched from an Access database to SQL CE (4 GB capacity), with 1 DB per connection to allow for increased capability of buffering large streams of data.

D&R Update User in the “Completed By” Field
The D&R Completed By field has been revised to always reference the logged-in user regardless of whether the previous copy came from another user.

inBound Configuration via Web Client
The inBound configuration capability has been introduced to the PSS Web client. inBound elements such as boundaries and their related constraints can now be configured directly from the Web inBound interface. PV association, OPC association and faceplate display settings can also be configured via the Web.

inBound OPC Association
This new enhancement will allow boundary values to be tied to other tag values/ parameter values. Effectively boundaries can now be tied to OPC addresses for periodic update or audit. Additionally, expressions saved in PSS can now also be associated with boundaries, providing automatic update capability. This functionality is available in both Windows and Web clients.

inBound Constraint Link Reports
This new enhancement offers the ability to print and package into a report section the Constraint Links for a selected set of boundaries.

inBound Faceplate Ranging
The engineering limits or ranges for a point are now part of inBound.  This is particularly useful for constructing inBound faceplates, as the tag limits, when available, will automatically display and correctly range the faceplate based on the tag range.

inBound “Search By” in Web Client
The inBound Search ability has been expanded to offer multiple fields to categorize and focus a search. In addition to the Tag Name filter, additional categories include: Boundary Type, Boundary Group, Boundary Importance and Custom Fields.

inBound Violation Reporting Inactivation
The option has been added to inactivate inbound Violation reports for cases when a point is out of service or when an entire unit is shut down. The recording of boundary violations can now be turned off at the tag level and if Equipment States are configured in PSS, the boundary violations can also be inactivated for a given defined equipment state.

inBound Alert Notes
The Operator Alert Module has been modified to allow the user entry of inBound Alert notes. This capability can be accessed from the Windows and Web clients as well as from the Operator Notification toolbar (the Operator Dashboard).

inBound Validation Equation Edit & Save
The option has been added to edit and save validation equation for multiple use.
The software and accompanying Release Notes are available through download from the PAS Customer Care Portal or by contacting Customer Care at