PAS Cyber Integrity 5.5.1 is available

March 30, 2017

The Cyber Integrity™ patch management functionality allows customers to import and assess Microsoft published security patches for applicability against the computers inventoried in the Integrity configuration database. This determines the list of patches applicable across the process control network and the associated computers to be patched. It also provides a view of all patches that have been imported, assessed, and the number of cyber endpoints affected by each patch.

This release includes the following enhancements that improve patch management usability:

  • Once computers have been identified as needing one or more patches, the process of initiating a workflow case to test the patches in the test environment is faster and easier - the patch(es) desired are automatically added into the test workflow case.

  • Users are now able to select multiple patches and take actions, such as initiating a “test” workflow or a “remediation” workflow case that includes all of them.  NOTE: If the “Testing Required” checkbox is selected, Testing must be completed for ALL patches before they can be associated with a Mitigation case.

  • Users are now able to select multiple vendor products to be associated with a single Bulletin.

  • Users are now able to select multiple KBs to be associated with a single Bulletin.

  • New Cyber Integrity Reports and Dashboard widgets are available and include:

    • Breakdown of applicable patches by state.

    • Breakdown of Computer Systems that require patches.

    • Aging report for patches – time to close.

This release also includes workflow performance improvements for these workflow related actions:

  • Start a new case

  • Displaying case details

  • Saving case updates

  • Displaying checklists

  • Signing a checklist

  • Saving a checklist

  • Refreshing case details

  • Displaying UI

  • Refreshing UI after “Save” clicked