PAS Releases Version 5.3 of the Invensys Foxboro I/A Asset Model

June 13, 2014

PAS recently released an updated Integrity/DOC4000 asset model for Invensys which allows users to incorporate their Foxboro I/A system into Integrity/DOC4000 for aggregation and contextualization of data. 

Enhancements/Fixes Include:

  • Added option of running data collection script in verbose mode when run manually. More details in implementation guide.

  • Menu System - Sequence Programs will have CP names as children instead of AW host stations. The AW hosts are shifted under HLBL Files and have HLBL objects listed under each AW host. CP names will have sequence Compound and Block objects listed as children. The block object listed under CP name would reveal Block properties allowing quick access to block parameters including input connections details.

  • Integrity check ‘BLOCK DESCRP Letter 18/19 Check’ defect message provides more details

  • Integrity check ‘Local/Remote Check’ scope expanded to give option for checking defect for desired initial state of slave PID controller in Local or Remote mode.

  • Integrity check ‘Alarm Configuration Check’ extended to check alarm configuration anomalies such as low alarm limit above high alarm limit, high alarm limit above high high alarm limit, low alarm limit under low low alarm limit.

  • Graphics files .fdf and .m1 will have different icons in asset explorer for better conspicuity.

  • Graphics references to external (or non-embedded) scripts are shown as separate object (GraphicScript) in asset explorer and underlying program can be viewed in Integrity

  • Newer block types such as RIN, RINR, ROUT, ROUTR, COUTR, CINR, AINR, AOUTR, BINR, BOUTR, IINR included in Integrity checks

  • Added viewer tab with CP objects to show FBM I/O assignment and I/O usage/spares availability summary table.

  • Issue of FBM218 reporting 8 channels per child ECB fixed and it would now show correct number of I/O spares.
  • Added Modbus Interface Mapping Matrix as viewer tab for FDSI FBMs.

  • Added new Integrity Check for PLB block – ‘IFL connected but not used in ladder logic’.

  • PLB CIN_ parameters not used in ladder logic but directly connected to other blocks would also show up in asset explorer under Fieldbus device.

  • Newer block types CINR and COUTR would be shown in asset explorer tree under Field Bus devices.

  • Explanation added for all Integrity Checks to show up in bottom of asset configuration window when Integrity Check is selected by mouse click.
  • Issue of additional entries with channel number 00 shown in asset explorer under fieldbus devices, resolved. This issue was affecting MTR and GDEV blocks.

  • FBM219 ‘I/O Spec’ property corrected to "24DI, 8DO".

  • Import will no longer generate spurious change tracking flags ‘LadderFiles checksum’.

  • FOXIADCC script fixes:
    • dbvu error (“dbvu1 file not found” ) fixed

    • ftp in script was not logging errors in case of failure to connect with host. With this fix, it would now dump any error messages in log file

    • Unix based Fox IA import script gives error of “output line too long”
  • MCIN/MCOUT CINMSK/OUTMSK properties are incorporated to show fieldbus channel I/O assignment correctly

  • Issue of FBM241 and FBM246 not showing in asset explorer tree fixed.
  • Added Modbus Interface Mapping Matrix as viewer tab for FDSI FBMs.

  • Systems using combination of expansion FBMs and MCIN/MCOUT blocks were ignoring expansion FBMs. in populating Fieldbus devices in asset explorer. With this fix, expansion FBMs for digital FBMs would be shown correctly in asset explorer

  • Block Count’ summary view, associated with CPs, included spares summary which is now appropriately shifted to spares summary with FBM I/O Assignment, a newly added viewer tab for CP.

  • Issue of Integrity check ‘duplicate channels’ not displaying correctly for tags using ECB201 resolved

  • Resolved issue of import script errors related to graphics having embedded dmcmd script with ‘incwrap’ statement.
  • Resolved issue of Sequence blocks showing incorrect or no user label for input/output parameters in HLBL code.

This is available to all customers on support with Integrity/DOC4000 4.2 or higher.