PAS Releases Version 4.20 of Honeywell EPKS Asset Model

November 03, 2011

PAS recently released an updated Integrity/DOC4000 asset model for Honeywell that allows users to incorporate their EPKS system into Integrity/DOC4000 for aggregation and contextualization of data.

Enhancements/Fixes Include:

  • Resolved issue of input and output tags not being shown for references coming from OPC
  • Resolve issue of some SCADA references between TPS and EPKS not being shown
  • Bug fix with import throwing errors when tag parameters had apostrophes in them
  • Added extra import definition for the Minimum Required For PSS sequence. Was missing some Quickbuilder Audits
  • Fix issue of Cyrillic text in documents being encoded incorrectly
  • Issue with channels being shown twice, once as filled and once as spares
  • Logic error in Backbld processing
  • EPKSDCC enhanced to split CFF files into smaller chunks for import
  • Import was spending a lot of time processing SCM Aliases
  • EPKS Alarms in PSS showing incorrect priorities
  • Imports with PSS taking a long time

This is available to all customers on support with Integrity/DOC4000 v3.1 and higher.