PAS Releases Version 4.0 of Honeywell FSC Asset Model

February 15, 2013

PAS recently released a new asset model for Honeywell that allows users to incorporate their FSC system into Integrity/DOC4000 for aggregation and contextualization of data.

Enhancements/Fixes Include

  • Added FSC to FSC connections and fixed bugs.
  • Fixed reading FLD file for title. Title now comes, in priority, from LR title, LL title, UR title, UL title, or top line items.
  • Fixed reading CFF file for hardware configuration.
  • Fixed I/O determination problem with Experion SCADA linkage.
  • Confirmed multiple FLDs cannot write to same tag
  • Fixed Hardware Overview Rack missing tags
  • Fixed incorrect Hardware Links
  • Cannot duplicate problem creating 2 or 3 FSC assets
  • Implementation guide updated
  • Problem with duplicate tags could not be replicated
  • Clarified implementation guide concerning UPN and HPM

This is available to all customers on support with Integrity/DOC4000 v4.0.4.03 or higher.