PAS Releases Version 4.0.5 of Invensys Foxboro I/A Asset Model

December 13, 2010

PAS recently released a new Integrity/DOC4000 asset model for Invensys which allows users to incorporate their Foxboro I/A system into Integrity/DOC4000 for aggregation and contextualization of data.

Enhancements/Fixes Include:

  • Added the PSS viewer to Blocks in the Asset model.
  • Changed the ALL sequence parameter so that it will only run an import if the input files have changed.
  • Added a tab to the HLBL object. It is called, Compiled Program. This new tab will show the program with Include files inserted in the correct spot in the main program provided they include files are correctly imported.
  • Added an Asset property to change the option to import data if files change. Also add a sequence script to make the change. Documented in the implementation guide.
  • Added Email notification if the SaveAll has an error during data collection.
  • Made changes to the script which collects the data from the AW’s. It will now delete all directories before creating new data and it will run to completion even if an error occurs.
  •  Made changes to the Create Graphics and Graphics – Block references scripts to handle Aliases used in Graphic screens
  • Made changes to the Create Blocks script to allow a parameters files in the SaveAll to have no useful information
  • Made changes to the Annunciator Keyboard to Graphics Reference and Integrity Check to handle an issue with a keyboard designation that did not have enough parameters to be a graphic reference.
  • The Duplicate Channels Integrity Check will now check to ensure that the connections to the channels have an IOMOPT that is set to 1.
  • Made changes to the Graphic – Block reference to ensure that the full block is showing. Some references were only showing Compound:Block but will now show Compound:Block.Parameter if available.
  • Made changes to multiple scripts to get Include files to work correctly in the asset model. Changes are:
    • HLBL Creation – changed the Station parameter to actually be the station and not the CP.
    • HLBL – Include File Reference – changed to look for variations of #include and check for include file names in the program that have no extension.
    • HLBL – Block Reference – changed script to function correctly with include files to get the references from the include files and move them up to the HLBL.
    • HLBL – Global Variable Reference – changed script to function correctly with include files to get the references from the include files and move them up to the HLBL
  • Made changes to the Create Graphics script to clean up Library Object names. It was getting junk in the names and causing errors during the Graphic – Library Objects Reference Script.
  • Made changes to the Create Graphics script to get all the block references. The script was exiting too soon and omitting several BLOCK references. Made changes to the script to better determine when to stop collecting Block data.
  • Fixed an issue with Annunciator Keyboard not displaying correctly on the tab. The create script needed to add the blank lines.
  • Added the parameter icon to the AIM* Points relationships.

This is available to all customers on support with Integrity/DOC4000 v3.1 or higher.