PAS Releases Version 3.0 of Invensys Infusion asset model

February 26, 2015

PAS recently released an asset model for Invensys that allows users to incorporate their Infusion system into Integrity/DOC4000 for the aggregation and contextualization of data.
Enhancements/Fixes Include:

  • IEEDCC enhancements and changes:
  1. Program rewritten and migrated to .NET
  2. FTP transfer functionality made available
  3. HLBL Include files collection option included in main script
  4. AIM* Historian data collection included in script
  5. An additional .BAT file is generated to run script in verbose mode. When script run through this BAT  file,  progress of script can be seen on screen.
  6. Issue of missing WW Graphics and PDEF*.DAT files resolved
  7. Utility now allows user to save script with desired filename
  8. Option of collecting compound/block data per CP included to circumvent possible bug with older version of DirectAccess utility
  9. Checkbox provided to enable CP Loading data collection
  10. Checkbox provided to enable CP OM Lists/Variables collection
  • Strategies view structure in Asset Explorer changed to include Compound names and renamed as “Compounds – Strategy View”. Compounds renamed to “Compounds – Block View”.
  • “DeploymentStatus” property added for Compounds and Strategies. Shape and color of icons for these objects in asset explorer would also indicate “DeploymentStatus”.
  • Enhancement in WWGraphics hierarchy in asset explorer. Graphics in “Graphics – Infusion” folder are divided into several subfolders for easy access.
  • 'Window Script', 'Window Actions' and 'Window Symbols' viewer tabs added for WWGraphics objects to display any Window Scripts, Window Actions and information on Symbols used in window.
  • “CP Loading” and “CP Loading History” viewer tabs added for Stations types FCP270/ZCP270/FCP280 to show CP performance parameters and its history. IEEDCC includes checkbox to enable data collection for CP Loading and CP Loading History viewers.
  • Hardware overview would show network switches at top level. All stations and equipment will show under switch when switch is selected.
  • Map for Strategies would now show expanded map including all blocks within the strategy and would also include strategies declarations references map.
  • ECBs excluded from System >> Software in asset explorer. With so many ECBs in system, the numbers in this menu was too big making it difficult to see information for important equipment such as stations and CPs. Software Package information is available in properties for individual modules.
  • Viewer tab added for CPs to view FBM I/O Assignment report in tabular form. Report includes summary of IO per FBM as well as overall summary for CP including spares availability
  • MCIN/MCOUT blocks properties CINMSK/OUTMSK and Expander FBMs are now considered while assigning FBM IOs and creating Spare Tags.
  • Viewer tab added for Modules FBM types FBM230/231/232/233 to view Modbus Mapping matrix in tabular form.
  • Input and Output blocks with IOM Option would show ECB/FBM ID and Point or Channel number in Reference Map
  • User can now enable or disable Integrity Checks (ICs) through admin utility.
  • Explanation added for all Integrity Checks to show up in bottom of asset configuration window when Integrity Check is selected by mouse click.
  • Viewer tab added for CPs to view block execution period/phase report in tabular form.
  • Sequence blocks selected through any navigation path would have same viewer tabs. “Properties” viewer tab would show block properties, whereas “HLBL File Properties” would show HLBL source file properties. Order of viewer tabs rearranged.
  • Viewer tabs rearranged for PLB blocks to match with other block types.
  • “OM Lists” and “OM Variables” viewer tabs added for Stations types FCP270/ZCP270/FCP280 to show Object Manager Lists and Variables Listing. IEEDCC includes checkbox to enable data collection for OM Lists/Variables collection.
  • Local/Remote Integrity Check for PID blocks, now have option to check for either Local or Remote as default mode.
  • Integrity check ‘Alarm Configuration Check’ extended to check alarm configuration anomalies such as low alarm limit above high alarm limit, high alarm limit above high high alarm limit, low alarm limit under low low alarm limit.
  • Foxdraw Graphics files .fdf and .m1 will have different icons in asset explorer for better conspicuity.
  • Foxdraw Graphics references to external (or non-embedded) scripts are shown as separate object (FDGraphicScript) in asset explorer and underlying program can be viewed in DOC4000.
  • Newer block types such as RIN, RINR, ROUT, ROUTR, COUTR, CINR, AINR, AOUTR, BINR, BOUTR, IINR included in Integrity checks.
  • Added Integrity check for PLB blocks – “IFL connected but not used in ladder logic”
  • Added 'QF Info' viewer tab for AW/WP Stations which will provide information on software packages and Quick Fixes installation.
  • Block references for historian (AIM* and InFusion) would show reference to historian name in addition to point name.
  • In Hardware Overview, all commonly used FBMs would show IO type and number of channels.
  • ECBs excluded from Reference Map to simplify diagram especially for ECBs/Blocks that handle multiple inputs.
  • Newer block types CINR and COUTR would be shown in asset explorer tree under Field Bus devices.
  • Removed redundant definition “Create CP_Blk_Count”. CP Block Count information is available from definition “Create CPBlock Types”
  • Change default mode for Integrity Check "Historian - Block/Strategy Reference Check" to disable.
  • Track change for object types Spare Tag and ReservationDef turned off except for default properties. Track change turned on for default properties for object types WWGraphics, GraphicScripts, Symbols and LadderFiles
  • Issue of import failing within seconds due to unavailability of EquipUnits.csv file in import data resolved.
  • Import script error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” for WWGraphics resolved.
  • Block, GraphicScripts and Symbol references would now be created and shown in “Reference” viewer for WWGraphics
  • “NOT FOUND” entry under Compounds for nested strategies is eliminated. Nested strategies would now show up only under parent strategy.
  • Issue of additional entries with channel number 00 shown in asset explorer under fieldbus devices for MTR and GDEV blocks resolved.
  • Issue of FBM241A references missing when PLB CINs are used as input to other blocks and not used in PLB resolved.
  • Block Count’ summary view, associated with CPs, included spares summary which is now appropriately shifted to spares summary with FBM I/O Assignment, a newly added viewer tab for CP.
  • Import will no longer generate spurious change tracking flags ‘LadderFiles checksum’ when residue ladder file (.p) is left in folder for deleted PLB blocks.
  • Issue of Integrity check ‘duplicate channels’ not displaying correctly for tags using ECB201 resolved.
  • Resolved issue of import script errors related to graphics having embedded dmcmd script with ‘incwrap’ statement.
  • Issue of missing HLBL references resolved.
  • Issue of WWGraphics names having white spaces getting truncated, resolved.
  • Import error “Object variable or With block variable not set” in definition Create WW Symbols fixed.
  • Infusion Historian objects “Historization” will be created only for ‘Enabled’ tags, instead of all tags in Historization.csv file in export data.
  • Issue of syntax error while processing Integrity Check "HLBL Block Reference Check" due to dynamically constructed internal references in HLBL code resolved.
This is available to all customers on support with Integrity/DOC4000 4.3 or higher