PAS Releases Version 2.1.2 of Invensys Infusion Asset Model

March 09, 2011

PAS recently released an updated Integrity/DOC4000 asset model for Invensys which allows users to incorporate their Infusion system into Integrity/DOC4000 for aggregation and contextualization of data.

Enhancements/Fixes Include:

  • Removed the redundant FDGraphics object from the model
  • Changed the script to create BLOCKS using the IAName parameter if available.  This ensures that each Block has a unique name and removed the issue of having modifications after an import even if the data had not changed.
  • Issue of missing references on Blocks with parameter values of MyContainer.*. Changed the script to handle the special characters at the end of some of the above mentioned parameter values.  All the references should now be referenced.  It will not change the actual parameter value in the properties of the block, but will how the C:B.P parameter on the MAP and the references tab.
This is available to all customers on support with Integrity/DOC4000 v3.0 or higher.