PAS Releases Version 1.88 of Honeywell TPS Asset Model

May 10, 2013

PAS recently released a new Integrity/DOC4000 asset model for Honeywell which allows users to incorporate their TPS system into Integrity/DOC4000 for aggregation and contextualization of data.

Enhancements/Fixes Include:

  • Added “Multiple Writes to Same Hardware Address” Integrity Check
  • Added LOGICNIM numeric and flags.
  • Fixed Button – Native Window Display to include GUS Files
  • Fixed “Column ‘Output’ does not belong to table” error.
  • CL Sequence - Tag (Indirect) Item has already been added error.
  • Fixed CreateObjectsDef : PLCADDR for LM Tags conversion from String to Short error
  • Fixed Index was outside the bounds of the array in Hardware Addresses from Tags2 definition
  • Fixed button reference Integrity issue
  • Fixed 'PROG_FLAG1Key being added’ exception
  • Fixed ‘Column Output does not belong to table’ exception
  • Fixed false ‘Button Configuration‘ issue
  • Fixed ‘Column Output does not belong to table’ exception
  • Turned on tracking for object “EB File”
  • Disabled use of Cause and Effect Viewer
  • Fixed references missing between HW TPS Assets

This is available to all customers on support with Integrity/DOC4000 v4.0.4.03 or higher.