PAS Releases Integrity v4.6.2

July 22, 2015

PAS is pleased to announce the latest release of Integrity Version 4.6.2, which is composed of the following enhancements and fixes.  


The architecture of the database was further enhanced to support scalability. In large implementations of Automation Integrity database scalability allows for assets to be split up into smaller databases instead of housing all of the assets into one database. The database was also refined to incrementally improve the performance of data imports.

Web Infrastructure

Several adjustments were made to the infrastructure and their relationships to Microsoft components.

  • The web settings on the client machines no longer require Compatibility View to be enabled.
  • An Infragistics update resolved the issues around clients with Internet Explorer 11 and web servers with Internet Information Services 8.

Web Modules

The maps, change tracker, hardware overview and reports have all updated. The maps were optimized to render more quickly. The Select All feature in the Change Tracker and Defect Finder has been improved. Reports are now consolidated into one PDF instead of several PDFs and the users have the option to export the reports to Microsoft Excel.

Cyber Integrity Module

New workflows/asset models supporting Cyber Integrity introduced, including:

  • Workflows
  • Policies
  • Asset Hierarchy
  • Asset Inventory
  • Compliance
  • Vulnerability Assessment


The documentation for this release of ISS / DOC4000 has been greatly streamlined and revised for easy reference. Changes include the following:

  • Removal of unnecessary duplicate sections in the Admin and Installation Guides.
  • Addition of a Pre-Install Checklist in the Installation Guide
  • Updates to the Hardware / Software Requirements in the Readiness Checklist
  • Expansion of the Troubleshooting topics included in the Installation Guide.

To see the full list of updates and enhancements, please view the release notes. Both the release notes and latest software download can be accessed via the PAS Customer Portal with your login information.