PAS Releases Integrity v4.3

June 18, 2013

PAS is pleased to announce the latest release of Integrity Version 4.3, which is composed of several new features, enhancements and fixes.   

New Features & Enhancements

Live Data

The current Live Data module in the application has been enhanced to provide various types of updates from the Honeywell TPS system via OPC DA.  The three scan types are on-demand, Fast, and Normal.  The On-Demand scan is now improved to update all of the selected tag’s parameters with the click of a button. The Fast scan automatically updates items only if they have changed. The Normal scan automatically updates all items with values from the OPC DA server.  Users now have the option to view Online (data obtained from OPC) or Offline (data from the import files) when viewing information from the Changes module.

Admin Utility

The Admin Utility has updated some components as well as incorporated new components that will aid in the maintenance of the application. These components are:

  • Updated Database Index Fragmentation Monitor
  • Active Import Status Log Display


The target objects on the maps that contain logic are now collapsed by default, therefore better utilizing real-estate. The filters used on the maps now incorporate fields from the Custom Properties/Import from Excel. In certain instances it is better to show a connection between two objects without the indication of data flow using arrow heads; now users will notice some connectors do not have arrows on the ends. This is based on the individual asset model. Infrastructure This version of software has incorporated several updates to the infrastructure including:
  • Support of Windows 2012 Operating System
  • Support of Internet Explorer 9

SQL Database Replication 
To see the full list of updates and enhancements, please view the release notes. Both the release notes and latest software download can be accessed via the PAS Customer Portal with your login information.