PAS Releases Integrity v4.0.1.4 Service Pack

January 03, 2012

PAS recently released a Service Pack for version of Integrity/DOC4000. 

This Service Pack addresses the following items:

  • LOOPID missing connectors in Map viewer and Visio
  • Enable FTS for the asset when a new asset is created. This covers internal, OLEDB, but not OLEDB autosize.
  • When using the database restore function provided by the assetmodeler, the logical file of the database should go to logical path specified by the model properties.
  • WebService requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Very old upgraded databases do not display KPI
  • When customer roles are configured, User received error on home page Last import
  • Target object is a FoxIA Loop ID, map property filter is on "LoopID".
  • Workflow email link not working
  • Add Timestamp messages to end of import (after maintenance)
  • Add Connectors to Logic Map items in Visio
  • Changing the settings to pdf format does not work when we generate the map in windows
  • Control Map report file of a TPS LOGICNIM tag does not include Container object(s)
  • Migrate seq does not show up in the schedule for Triconex 4.3 asset model
  • Reference Types table not always getting populated

This is available to all Integrity/DOC4000 customers on support.