PAS Releases Integrity 7.0.0

July 28, 2020

PAS continues to invest in and update the Integrity platform. Integrity 7.0.0 delivers new Automaton Integrity™ and Cyber Integrity™ features and enhancements.

Shared Automation Integrity and Cyber Integrity Capabilities

Data Collection Control Center: The Data Collection Control Center (DC3) now supports configuring and deploying (or reconfiguring and re-deploying) the PAS Recon asset model from DC3 in a few clicks, speeding and further automating Recon deployment. DC3 also now manages data models and data collection scripts as two discrete entities, which enables faster, more flexible, and more automated deployment of PAS asset models in both centralized and distributed environments.

Workflows: Enhanced workflow checklist capabilities enable faster, more efficient completion of work items by allowing users to move more flexibly though checklists in different workflow stages when completing assigned actions. Improvements to the Notes user interface in workflows provides a more modern, user-friendly user experience when adding or editing notes.

Dashboard Enhancements: New Wizard interface supports progressive, customizable exposure of dashboard information by configuring Popups for WizardWidgets that define the type of additional information to display based on the data point clicked in the dashboard widget. Define what you want to see next when investigating a datapoint, and then view dashboard drill downs your way with data visualizations that meet your specific business needs.

Cyber Integrity-Specific Capabilities

New Modular Licensing and Deployment Options: New seamless, in-product upgrades address different maturity requirements across sites and customers. Industrial organizations are at different stages of their operational technology (OT) cybersecurity journey, and often have different maturity levels at different sites within the same organization. New modular licensing options in Cyber Integrity 7.0.0 provide flexibility to address specific needs as sites advance their OT cybersecurity maturity.

  • Cyber Integrity – Inventory Management: provides discovery and topology mapping of industrial control system environments down to Level 0 devices with unmatched depth and accuracy without passive network detection limitations and active network polling risks.
  • Cyber Integrity – Vulnerability Management: includes inventory management and enables the identification of vulnerabilities hidden in industrial infrastructure, leveraging regular feeds from the United States National Vulnerability Database (NVD) enhanced by PAS cybersecurity analysts.
  • Cyber Integrity – Enterprise: includes inventory and vulnerability & patch management as well as in-depth Level 3 to Level 0 OT asset configuration and compliance management with comprehensive cybersecurity configuration baselines, unauthorized configuration change detection, workflow-driven incident response, risk analytics, compliance workflows and reporting, and backup and recovery support.

Inventory Management Enhancements: Inventory management improvements speed navigation and increase the consistency of the user experience.

  • In-context pivot from an endpoint in the detailed endpoint inventory view to the inventory topology view allows users to quickly understand the location of the endpoint within the process control network (PCN) topology. Customers who have purchased Cyber Integrity – Vulnerability Management can see endpoint vulnerabilities on the endpoint Details tab, as well as vulnerabilities on other surrounding endpoints.
  • Improved display of relationships between endpoint components enhances user understanding of the connections between hierarchical endpoint items (for example, firmware resides on hardware).
  • Additional enhancements to the topology view, such as enhanced capabilities for adding custom nodes and links, improved zoom and navigation, and more consistent reporting on detailed software components, deliver an improved user experience and faster navigation through topology views and to other modules.

Vulnerability Management Enhancements: Updates to the algorithm used by Cyber Integrity for vulnerability matching improve match accuracy. PAS cybersecurity analysts also continue to enrich National Vulnerability Database (NVD) data by:

  • Refining common platform enumeration (CPE) vendor, product, and version information to enhance vulnerability match accuracy and vulnerability remediation efficiency.
  • Adding ICS-CERT vulnerability information, as well as other vulnerability data from PAS cybersecurity analysts, to provide further insight into the latest OT asset vulnerabilities and risks.

For More Information

For additional information, including a list of defects and customer enhancement requests addressed in this release, see the Release Notes (available in the PAS Technical Support portal). To acquire the software, please contact Technical Support at To view the latest information about all Integrity/DOC4000 releases, see the Technical Updates page.