PAS Releases Integrity 6.5.0

March 27, 2020

PAS is pleased to announce Integrity™ 6.5.0. Integrity 6.5.0 delivers new Cyber Integrity™ features and enhancements.

Cyber Integrity Capabilities

New Inventory User Experience: This new inventory design, validated by PAS customer Product Advisory Board members, provides a simpler, faster, and easier UI  to identify and analyze both IT and OT assets across a broad spectrum of use cases (the more advanced inventory search capabilities of Cyber Integrity are also retained).

  • New Inventory Summary is pre-configured based on category of endpoint (computer systems, network devices, and industrial control systems). It also includes powerful filtering capabilities, allowing users to find the specific inventory information they need in just a few clicks and quickly drill down into specific areas of interest or concern.
  • New Inventory Browse supports free text search, the addition and removal of filters, the saving of favorite searches/views, and the export of inventory search results and views into Excel.
  • New Inventory Details displays all of the various components that make up a specific endpoint, enabling quick identification of endpoint applications, controllers, drivers, and more.

Windows Event Analytics Enhancements: New, preconfigured Windows event analytics enables identification of Windows asset health and security events that may impact the reliability of Windows computers supporting critical industrial processes. New Windows event analytics enhancements include notification on approximately 700 asset health and security events users are most likely to be interested in. Customers can quickly specify which Windows events should generate email notifications. Custom events can be configured and monitored for by entering an event ID, source, and description.

For More Information
For additional information, including a list of defects and customer enhancement requests addressed in this release, see the Release Notes (available in the PAS Technical Support portal). To acquire the software, please contact Technical Support at To view the latest information about all Integrity/DOC4000 releases, see the Technical Updates page.