PAS Integrity 6.3.1 is available

September 06, 2019

PAS continues to invest in and update the Integrity platform. Integrity 6.3.1 delivers new features and enhancements for both Automation Integrity™ and Cyber Integrity™.

Shared Automation Integrity and Cyber Integrity Capabilities

  • Enhanced workflow and baseline user experience: Improved search capabilities and faster access to baseline and workflow summary screens provide an enhanced user experience and improve operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced internationalization support: Improvements to date format handling resolves date issues related to baselines and dashboards reported by some customers running Integrity in international environments.
  • Enhanced database performance and security: Continued tuning and hardening of the Integrity database according to the latest industry best practices provides performance enhancements and improves data integrity and security.

Cyber Integrity-Only Capabilities

  • Vulnerability management updates to support National Vulnerability Database (NVD) JSON data feed: The NVD is the U.S. government’s standards-based repository of published vulnerabilities. Cyber Integrity uses the NVD as a source to identify OT asset vulnerabilities. In October 2019, NVD data feeds will change format. In response to this planned change, PAS has updated Cyber Integrity to include support for the JSON data feed. Support for the JSON data feed will significantly enhance vulnerability assessment accuracy and reduce false positives.
  • Important Note: All PAS customers using Cyber Integrity vulnerability management capabilities must upgrade to version 6.3.1 or later to receive daily vulnerability updates. For more information about the update and upgrade process, see the Release Notes.
  • New IBM QRadar event forwarding capabilities: Support for batched forwarding of Windows events collected by Cyber Integrity to IBM QRadar enables customers using Cyber Integrity to collect and forward Windows events from Windows systems on the process control network (PCN) to QRadar. Deploying an additional Windows event collection method within the PCN for QRadar is not required, which improves operational efficiency and reduces network and system resource consumption within the PCN.

For More Information

For additional information, including a list of defects and customer enhancement requests addressed in this release, see the Release Notes. To acquire the software, please contact Technical Support at To view the latest information about all Integrity/DOC4000 releases, see the Technical Updates page.