PAS Integrity 6.1.0 is available

June 12, 2018

PAS continues to invest in and update the Integrity platform. The Integrity 6.1.0 release delivers new features and enhancements for both Automation Integrity and Cyber Integrity.  

Shared Automation Integrity and Cyber Integrity Capabilities  

  • Installation assistant: Enhances the product installation and upgrade experience by providing supporting installation packages that expedite installations in air-gapped environments, easy access to product documentation, and one-click access to the PAS Technical Support portal and PAS University.

  • High performance Windows events database: Improves event log processing performance for customers who collect large amounts of Windows event data.

  • Workflow enhancements: Makes workflow definition and use easier by providing the following capabilities:

    • New workflow categories with common fields that can be shared across categories

    • A new hyperlink data type allows users to easily find and review records that include hyperlinks

    • Hyperlinks can now be included in comments fields

    • Checklists can now be displayed in queries

    • Checklists can be “locked” so that only the user assigned to the checklist can modify the checklist

    • Files attached to workflows, workflow history, and workflow case lists can now be viewed more easily

  • Data transport enhancements: Provides a new data transport utility that improves data handling as data moves between ICS assets, collectors at different levels, and Integrity by allowing customers to specify the transport method to use (UNC, FTP, or Robocopy), data transport frequency, as well as schedule when and how often to transfer data from the source.

  • Additional network device support: Provides new support for Cisco 1841 routers and improved support for Cisco 5515 firewalls; new support for Hirschman Mach100 switches and Rail Switches; and new support for Siemens Scalance X308 switches.

Cyber Integrity-Only Capabilities

  • Contextualized drill-down from Vulnerability Management Summary page: Delivers improved visibility into underlying vulnerability data for enhanced understanding of existing vulnerabilities and their current remediation status.

  • Support for ports and services data in baselines: Provides improved visibility into the existing security and compliance posture by enabling the display of ports and services data in baselines and by providing a way to justify and track changes to open ports as needed to meet compliance requirements.

For additional information, including a list of defects and customer enhancement requests addressed in this release, see the Release Notes. To acquire the software, please contact Technical Support at To view the latest information about all Integrity/DOC4000 releases, see the Technical Updates page.