PAS Announces Integrity 6.4.0

December 23, 2019

PAS continues to invest in and update the Integrity platform. Integrity 6.4.0 delivers new features and enhancements for both Automation Integrity™ and Cyber Integrity™.

Shared Automation Integrity and Cyber Integrity Capabilities

Data Collection Control Center: New Data Collection Control Center (DC3) provides clear visibility into every step of asset data collection and transfer.

  • Improvements to data collection scripts enable deeper logging. Script improvements also make it easier to diagnose data collection issues, such as when data cannot be collected because an asset is not connected to the network.
  • Enhanced logging capabilities ensure that any issues with data collection and transport (collection, zip, transport, unzip) are captured and easily identifiable within the log. 
  • New user interface makes it easy to view completed transfers and as well as identify when data transfers were unable to complete successfully. 

Cyber Integrity-Only Capabilities

Darktrace Integration: New Cyber Integrity and Darktrace bi-directional integration provides seamless navigation, data integration, and drill-down capabilities between products, enabling unified IT/OT security investigations and incident response. Joint Cyber Integrity and Darktrace customers can quickly pivot between products with context when:

  • Researching anomalies in Darktrace.
  • Reviewing the security posture of an OT asset (inventory, configuration, vulnerability, and patch level information) from within the Cyber Integrity topology or asset view. 

For More Information
For additional information, including a list of defects and customer enhancement requests addressed in this release, see the Release Notes (available in the PAS Technical Support portal). To acquire the software, please contact Technical Support at To view the latest information about all Integrity/DOC4000 releases, see the Technical Updates page.