VxWorks: Another Cybersecurity Wake-up Call for the Industrial Sector

The Triton/Trisis attack, made public in August of 2017, was a major wake-up call for the industrial sector to take cybersecurity risk to industrial operations even more seriously. What was initially thought to be an equipment failure on an emergency shut down (ESD) system, turned out to be a complex, well-engineered cyber attack. This attack was believed to have compromised two separate engineering systems, however... Read more

Security Awareness is Key to ICS Cybersecurity

What are the top three pieces of advice you would give a CISO to make the plant OT/ICS environment more secure from cyber-attacks?  As the Chief Industrial Information Security Officer for Total Marketing and Services, Christophe Rey-herme was responsible for increasing his colleagues’ security awareness and improving security for the business. He offers this advice.1. Make everyone aware of the importance... Read more

ARC Recognizes PAS as #1 Global Alarm Management Software Provider

In the latest Alarm Management Market Research Study from ARC Advisory Group, PAS is recognized as the leading independent supplier of alarm management software and services worldwide – you can read the press release here. For the full report and purchase options, visit the ARC Advisory Group website. I am particularly thrilled by the market’s validation of our mission to support safe, secure, profitable, and... Read more

TRITON/TRISIS Emerges from Shadows Once Again

As many are aware, TRITON/TRISIS is back in the news.  Another critical infrastructure organization was infiltrated with the same penetration framework used in the original attack documented in late 2017.  In this most recent case, the framework was found on the IT network and had yet to reach the OT network. The attackers were conducting reconnaissance and were working to penetrate deeper with the goal of... Read more

Operations Risk Management

Operations Risk Management: What is Your Plant Really Doing?

Plant management sees risk control as a top priority. However, the means available are often a hodgepodge of undocumented, disconnected, and problematic methods. The good news is that new approaches and a convergence of technologies, all building on the foundation of alarm management best practices, can enable the real-time visualization and monitoring of operations risk. Now, plant operators, engineers, and managers can... Read more

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