PAS OptICS 2020 Content Now On-Demand – Strategies and Best Practices for OT Integrity

This week, we held PAS OptICS 2020, our industry and customer conference. Initially starting with a plan to host the event in Houston in April, we chose to first delay the event due to the global pandemic and then decided to go online across four time zones around the world this fall. What a great decision that was, as we were able to reach far more individuals and organizations in our global community than we would have been able to do with an in-person event.

With nearly 1,000 individuals around the world (from every continent except Antarctica) and over 100 sessions held, it was a great two days for industry experts to share their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities for optimizing process safety, OT cybersecurity, and digitalization by ensuring OT integrity.

Excellence Awards

During the event, we recognized three organizations for excellence. PETRONAS (Excellence in Process Integrity) for their innovative use of real-time data to drive operational excellence across dozens of sites and remote operations collaboration with a newly launched center of excellence (COE) in their Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia headquarters. CEPSA (Excellence in Cybersecurity Integrity) for their efforts to improve the depth and accuracy of their OT asset inventory and leverage operational configuration and data chain data for improved decision-making in their enterprise cloud data lake. And LyondellBasell (Excellence in OT Integrity), who received the highest award for their long-term commitment to process safety through alarm management and control loop performance management and the outstanding progress they have made in evolving their OT/IT security capabilities to a risk-oriented approach. 

Congratulations to each of these three companies for achieving excellence in their respective areas!

Content Now Available On-Demand

I am pleased to share that all of the content from OptICS is now available for viewing on demand (including multiple sessions with leaders and practitioners from LyondellBasell and PETRONAS). To access the content, first register at We will then review and approve your registration within 2 business days and provide you with instructions on how to access the content (which will be available for viewing over the next 90 days).

Some of the highlights from the conference include:

  • Eddie Habibi, Founder and CEO of PAS, and Mark Carrigan, Chief Operating Officer of PAS, who discuss PAS strategy and new capabilities plus recognize clients for excellence in process, cybersecurity, and OT integrity
  • Anup Sharma, SVP of Global Business Services at LyondellBasell, who shares his thoughts on industrial digitalization and how to balance the benefits and risks
  • Mike Carroll, VP of Innovation at Georgia-Pacific, who explains how a proactive approach to transformation improves business resiliency
  • Dale Peterson, CEO of Digital Bond and Founder of S4 Events, who discusses how to make sense of ICS security products and integrations
  • Michael Norris, Director of Business Systems Security at LyondellBasell, who shares how the company has been building and maturing IT/OT risk management
  • Kristin Hanie, Senior Control Systems Integrity Engineer at Southern Company, who explains how her team rolled out an alarm management upgrade in record time
  • Jason Haward-Grau, Managing Director of Cyber Security at KPMG, who discusses OT security capabilities and what you need to meet the need
  • Matthew Meehan, Senior Automation Engineer at Origin Energy, who shares how the company worked with PAS and Greenfern Dynamics to tame over 20,000 control loops
  • Greg Matejka, BES Cyber Support Supervisor at City Water Light & Power, who explains how workflows make OT cybersecurity and compliance easier
  • Brandon Tan, Lead Instrument and Control Engineer at PETRONAS, who discusses how to do useful things with real-time OT systems data
  • Leo Simonovich, VP and Global Head of Cyber and Digital Security at Siemens Energy, who shares how to defend the energy industry against a new era of cyberthreats
  • John Hedegren, Associate Professor at Brigham Young University, who explains how to take advantage of hybrid machine learning and fundamental modeling in the oil and gas industry
  • Shola Anjous, OT / ICS Leader at Motiva Global, who discusses how the company adapted their OT/ICS cybersecurity strategy during COVID-19


  • Updates from PAS product managers on new releases and roadmap
  • Panel sessions on OT Integrity, The Role of Government in OT Cybersecurity and Digitalization, and the Future of OT
  • And more...

Thank you to all of our speakers and to our sponsors: 1898 & Co, Darktrace, Parsons, and Siemens Energy. We couldn't have delivered such an informative and useful event without your support.

We hope you enjoy exploring the sessions from PAS OptICS 2020.

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