Why ICS Matters

ICS matters.

The ICS really matters.

In fact, the ICS (Industrial Control System) matters more than any other system in industrial operations because when a plant control system operates at anything less than peak performance, safety, security, and profitability are at risk. The control system is the heart of the plant and, like the one that beats inside our chest, we must work to maintain its health.

The ICS is also the brain and the nervous system of the plant, performing automated controls and critical safety functions, executing recipes, and regulating production. Hijack the brain and you have total control of the plant. And if you’re a bad guy in the business of creating terror, a vulnerable system provides the perfect weapon for wreaking havoc on production and inflicting harm on innocent people.

Concerns about ICS cybersecurity are now at the same level as that of process safety and profitability for executives in the industrial sector. And rightly so, since the consequences of a successful, malicious attack on the ICS are fundamentally similar to that of a catastrophic accident. To that end, protecting against cyber attacks is now the top concern of not only IT professionals but also operations, plant management, senior executives, and the board of directors at industrial companies.

Protecting the ICS against malicious attacks, mitigating process safety events, and optimizing plant profitability is what we do at PAS. We make sure that the critical systems in the plant as well as the operators who run them operate safely and effectively. We provide unique, first-to-market software solutions that protect and improve the performance of the ICS. Our pioneering work in mapping the configuration of various brands of industrial control systems over the past 20 years has resulted in solutions that improve ICS security and operator situation awareness. When we do our jobs right, we know that plant personnel go home safely to their families, and plants avoid unnecessary downtime. It’s that simple.

That is why the ICS matters. That is why what we do at PAS matters. And that is why we have launched this blog called ICS Matters.

With more than 400 customer logos, 1,000 facilities, and 20,000 automation assets using our software and services today, we have a unique perspective on what matters most to the ICS and the people who operate them. Our goal in this blog is to provide a forum to discuss best practices, macro trends, and technology insights that benefit energy and processing plant operators who share our perspective on creating safer, more secure and profitable plant operations. We are delighted to provide a place where we can discuss the topics that matter most in today’s industrial operations. Please visit our site again for the latest ICS Matters and let us know how we’re doing.

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