Not All OT Asset Inventories Are the Same

Recently, there’s been increasing discussion in the OT/ICS community about the importance of having an asset inventory as a critical foundation for understanding and managing cybersecurity risk. With such an inventory, many use cases can be supported such as vulnerability assessment, risk mitigation, business continuity planning, and more. 

But just what should your OT/ICS inventory contain? How should you go about building it for IT assets running in your production operation and for control systems? What relationship and dependency information should it contain? And how can you best maintain your inventory over time? 

ARC Group’s VP of Research Larry O’Brien recently explored these and other questions in-depth in a paper called Effective OT-level Cybersecurity Requires Accurate Asset Inventory, and we’re pleased to share his research report with our customers and the broader OT/ICS community free of charge. 

In the paper, you will also learn how PAS Cyber Integrity can assist you with not only building your OT inventory, but also with cybersecurity vulnerability assessment and how configuration management can help you understand when a digital breach can become a cybersecurity incident. 

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