An Update for Automation Integrity and DOC4000 Customers

I wanted to share an update for our valued Automation Integrity and DOC4000 customers.

PAS has released a number of enhancements and we are hard at work on finalizing our next release (version 6.5, which we expect to ship at the end of March). Each of these improvements are available to customers who upgrade to version 6.5, and many are available in earlier versions also.

Control Map enhancements:

Improved control map loading speed, visualization, report generation and printing performance.

Hardware Overview enhancements:

Improved responsiveness of hardware overview views when displaying details for a large number of assets.

Next Generation User Usability enhancements:

Sleek new user interface streamlines views while retaining familiar workflow options and maintaining full functionality.

New navigation menus, advanced filtering and sorting, and enhanced controls deliver information more effectively and in a more actionable format.

Streamlined database workloads deliver faster processing and response times.

New Data Collection Control Center (DC3) provides clear visibility into every step of asset data collection and transfer:

Improvements to data collection scripts enable deeper logging. Script improvements also make it easier to diagnose data collection issues, such as when data cannot be collected because an asset is not connected to the network.

Data transport enhancements improve data handling as data moves between ICS/OT assets, collectors at different levels, and by allowing customers to specify the transport method to use (UNC, FTP, or Robocopy), data transport frequency, as well as schedule when and how often to transfer data from the source.

New user interface makes it easy to view completed transfers as well as identify when data transfers were unable to complete successfully.

Enhanced logging capabilities ensure that any issues with data collection and transport (collection, zip, transport, unzip) are captured and easily identifiable within the log.

Documentation improvements:

Rewritten Administration Guide provides improved documentation in several areas.

Added checklists for many tasks to provide more comprehensive, detailed guidance.

Rewrote content to explain each feature more fully and how best to implement and configure that feature.

New Installation assistant:

Enhances the product installation and upgrade experience by providing supporting installation packages that expedite installations in air-gapped environments, easy access to product documentation, and one-click access to the PAS Technical Support portal and PAS University.

Recent new and updated support for over 120 supported control systems including (and not limited to):

  • ABB 800xA
  • ABB Freelance (NEW)
  • ABB Symphony Plus
  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix
  • Allen Bradley PLC5
  • Allen Bradley SLC500
  • Aspen DMCplus
  • Aspen IQ
  • Aspen IP.21
  • Emerson DeltaV
  • Emerson Ovation
  • GE Cimplicity
  • GE Proficy ME
  • Honeywell EPKS
  • Honeywell Intuition Executive (NEW)
  • Honeywell Intuition Forms (NEW)
  • Honeywell Safety Manager
  • Honeywell TPS
  • Intergraph INtools
  • OSIsoft PI
  • Schneider Foxboro Evo
  • Schneider Invensys Foxboro IA
  • Schneider Triconex TS1131
  • Schneider Unity Pro (NEW)
  • Siemens PCS7
  • Siemens S7-400
  • Siemens T3000
  • SKF Aptitude Observer
  • Woodward GAP
  • Yokogawa ProSafe-RS
  • Yokogawa Centum VP

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