PAS 7-Step High Performance HMI Methodology

Leverage Our 20 Plus Years of Industry Expertise

For more than 20 years, PAS has helped customers around the globe transform their traditional schematic style operator displays to an intuitive visualization of information that provides operator situation awareness at-a-glance.

​PAS authored The High Performance HMI Handbookthe first comprehensive guide to designing and implementing an optimal Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for process operators and the automation systems used to control complex process operations. Since its publication, the handbook has set the industry standards using a widely-adopted 7-Step High Performance HMI methodology.

The PAS High Performance HMI 7-Step Methodology:

  1. Develop a High Performance HMI Philosophy and Style Guide
  2. Assess and benchmark existing graphics against the HMI Philosophy
  3. Determine specific performance and goal objectives for controlling the process during all modes of operation
  4. Perform task analysis to determine the control manipulations required to achieve the performance and goal objectives
  5. Design and build high performance graphics using the design principles from the HMI Philosophy and elements from the Style Guide
  6. Install, commission, and provide training on the new HMI
  7. Control, maintain, and periodically reassess the HMI performance

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