PAS 7-Step Alarm Management Methodology

Leverage Our 20 Plus Years of Industry Expertise

For more than 20 years, PAS has helped customers around the globe optimize their alarm systems and address industry standards and best practices around alarm management, including ANSI/ISA 18.2, IEC 62682, and EEMUA 191. An effective alarm management strategy requires a comprehensive approach that includes a proven methodology, enabling technology, and organizational buy-in.

Combining our widely-adopted 7-Step methodology as detailed in The Alarm Management Handbook with our PAS Alarm Management software, we’ve conducted hundreds of projects and rationalized more than 40 million alarms.

The PAS Alarm Management 7-Step Methodology:

  1. Alarm Philosophy Development
  2. Data Collection and Benchmarking
  3. Bad Actor Alarm Resolution
  4. Alarm Documentation and Rationalization
  5. Alarm Audit and Enforcement
  6. Real-Time Alarm Management
  7. Alarm System Control and Maintenance

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