Alarm Management

Mitigate Operational Risk through Improved Operator Situation Awareness


Poorly performing alarm systems, plagued by alarm floods, inaccurate alarms, and disabled alarms, diminish situation awareness and negatively impact plant production and safety. PAS Alarm Management software, part of PlantState Integrity, improves operator situation awareness by providing actionable information to help mitigate abnormal situations and ensure safe, reliable, and compliant operations.

PAS Alarm Management Software, combined with our widely adopted 7-Step Alarm Management Methodology, provides a holistic solution to benchmark and optimize alarm system performance.

PAS Alarm Management software capabilities include:

  • Alarm & Event Analysis
  • Documentation & Rationalization
  • Audit & Enforce
  • Dynamic Alarming
  • Alert Director
  • 100+ system interfaces

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  • Improves situation awareness, decision support, and operator effectiveness
  • Reduces operator loading and fatigue
  • Delivers insight into emerging abnormal situations
  • Reduces the number of unplanned shutdowns
  • Increases production throughput
  • Helps drive compliance with alarm management standards and best practices such as ISA-18.2 and EEMUA 191