Decision Integrity

Understand operational technology (OT) data health and enrich data lakes with configuration and reference information


Industrial process data has been used for years to analyze safety, reliability, and performance. New and more real-time data from technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and 5G wireless communications promise to improve operational efficiency, innovation, market competitiveness, and profitability.
As a result, understanding the health of OT data used in enterprise data lakes and decision support systems is more critical than ever. Knowing how production systems are configured and whether configurations have been modified, including by cyber attackers, is equally critical. Decisions made with potentially corrupted data can have serious business and safety impacts in the industrial sector.

PAS Decision Integrity enables trusted data for decision-making. Leveraging digital twins for over 120 industrial control systems created by PAS Automation Integrity™ and PAS PlantState Integrity™, the solution: 

  • Aggregates and organizes OT configuration data
  • Maps OT data chains from the sensor to the cloud
  • Enables engineers to identify defects that may impact safety and production
  • Provides an intuitive dashboard to help decision-makers understand OT data health when making decisions at the site and enterprise levels
  • Delivers OT edge analytics such as alarms and operator performance, excursions by unit, IPLs bypassed, frequent changes, and more
  • Enables big data architects to enrich corporate digital transformation data lakes with OT configuration, reference, and helpful context

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  • Monitor and maintain OT data health
  • Enrich predictive models, operator simulators, and process modeling simulators with OT configuration and reference information
  • Gain operational insights from OT edge analytics
  • Make more confident decisions that rely on OT data


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